Academic Highlights
Our School opened in 1960, and we have been growing in knowledge and stature ever since
We are a private, nationally accredited, co-ed School that offers an Early Childhood program for children two years - five years and a formal elementary education for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Our mission is to offer our children academic excellence in a Christian environment. We offer the basic elementary curriculum with programs in Computers, Spanish, Music, Art and Athletics. Our student body tested an average of 2.5 years above grade level in nationally normed standardized scholastic testing.

We also support Boy Scouts, YMCA teams, and other academic and social enrichment activities. Our regulation sized gymnasium and new 3rd – 6th grade building, completed in 2009, enhance the workings of our school.
Math Lab: (1st & 2nd gr.)
Math lab is every Friday for an hour for first and second graders. Parent volunteers come and work six different stations. The children get a "hands on" experience using tangrams, geoboards, base ten blocks, pattern blocks, linker cubes and calculators. They each work at their own pace at each station using preprinted pages. There are three levels for them to try to complete at each station. This creates a physical and visual representation of basic math concepts that pave the way to higher mathematic skills.

Level Appropriate Math Class Placement:
At the start of each school year, a math placement test is administered to all Elementary students to determine which level best enhances and challenges that individual student's learning. All math classes meet at the same hour to facilitate this.

Accelerated Reader:
The AR program enriches the fluent readers at Our Redeemer. Through our Library, they have free choice of level appropriate books beyond their classroom reading. Questions based on each book determine the reader's comprehension, and are scored accordingly.

Education Fairs:
Each year we focus on a different subject for our students to explore–Social Studies, Math, Science, and Humanities. Through research, a choice of media, and creativity, each upper elementary student (or younger class) is challenged to give insight on his or her chosen topic.

Weekly Memory Work:
Our Redeemer puts faith in education in yet another way: the weekly memorization assignments for which our students are responsible are scripture and prayer. As they engage their minds, they are also learning the building blocks for a lifelong faith walk.

Outdoor Education:
For several days at the beginning of the fall semester, our 5th and 6th graders bond, work, study and pray together at Camp Texoma. Journaling, hands-on science, orienteering, trust activities, and worship all enhance this amazing experience in God's world.

6th Grade Austin Trip:
History and government come to life as our graduating 6th graders visit our state capital and see the workings of the government, museums, and landmarks that reflect the great state of Texas.