Art: Meet Ema Johnson
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My name is Ema Johnson. I was born in Milan, Italy and I studied at the University of Milan and in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I earned a master's degree in art history and literature. I moved to Texas ten years ago. My curriculum combines art history with techniques. Every year I also introduce new projects that allow us to explore different art movements or folk art around the world. Through art I encourage creativity, fun, but also tolerance and equality. All my students know that every accident is just an opportunity to think outside the box and that mistakes can become the best part of their art. After all the Tower of Pisa was not supposed to lean, right?
Top 5 Best Things
About Art at Our Redeemer Lutheran School
  • Learning how to draw better
  • Learning about the artists
  • Trying different techniques
  • It helps you to be yourself
  • It is the only class where you can't make mistakes!