Faith in Education
More than just a test score
We praise God through songs and hymns
Parents and teachers alike know that strong academics are important. Yet our self worth should not be in top test scores alone. Giving our children the foundation to rise to the top in an increasingly difficult world is a rare gift that will be used throughout their lives.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School is a nurturing, Christian environment that feeds their faith as well as their minds. We counter the man-made models of success that we see in the media by celebrating the qualities beyond fame and fortune. The fruits of the Spirit–love, peace, joy, self-control, kindness, faith, goodness, and gentleness–enrich the learning of our students.
We look to God for answers
Aiming Higher
Helping children become people of excellent character
What is your goal when raising your children? If you're like most parents, the word success is somewhere in your answer. We all want the very best for our children. We want them to get a great education, have prestigious jobs, live in safe neighborhoods, love, marry and have children of their own. A sense of success is a legitimate goal, if success is defined as our children doing something productive with their talents that enable them to live happy lives.

The issues begin when we add wealth, power, beauty and fame to our definition of success. Old Testament Proverbs tell us that these kinds of goals can rot the soul. We begin to compare, compete and control and lose sight of raising children that simply enjoy life and all it offers.
Did you know...
The oldest Lutheran school in America was started in Manhattan in 1752 and it is still in existence today?