Giving Back
For where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also.
Our children are blessed–they have food to eat and a safe, loving place to live and to learn. We encourage their gratitude to God for what they have and compassion for those in need by the giving of our gifts. Click here for our current offering needs.
Ministries and Outreach Overview
Understanding that all we have is given to us by God is something we all can be reminded of
As children of God, we are asked to reach out and help out neighbors. Each quarter, we select, and learn about, a new ministry on which we focus our weekly chapel offerings.
ORLS has filled boxes for Operation Christmas Child, collected "flip flops" for the children at the Nelson Center, supported missionaries and health care all over the world, and stocked cans at North Dallas Shared Ministries.
All of these projects remind our children to give back. That offerings include our time, money and talents. They begin to see everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and there is always someone who has less than we do.
Projects and community outreach activities:
Thanking our public servants our students understand how many men and women serve our city everyday
Global: Regional: Local and Regional:
These activities include visits to our neighboring assisted/independent living center, "The Forum;" singing; visiting and Easter egg hunts.