Kids' Klub Childcare
Extended days for the working family
Working moms and dads can be rest assured that each child is having fun in Kids' Klub
For our families that need care before and/or after school, we offer a flexible, age-appropriate program that balances the need for care with a fun, relaxing extended day. Crafts, games, snacks and outdoor/gym exercise are all a part of the Kids' Klub day, with time set aside for homework and reading as needed.

Parents are surprised when they have rushed to pick up their child at the end of day only to be told "Do I have to go? I was having so much fun." When they get home they realize that the homework is completed and all they need to do is check it for errors and still have time for dinner and extra studies.
Phone Numbers:
School Office: 214-368-1371
Direct Line: 214-368-1371 ext. 66, 69, or 60
Late Afternoon (Cell Phone): 214-232-3602
Our Redeemer Kids' Klub After School Schedule
3:30-3:50 Attendance in K.K. Room / Activity for the Day
3:50-4:00 Wash hands, line up, say Grace
4:00-4:15 Snack
4:15-5:10 PK Outside playground / 1st grade – 6th grade Homework / Reading 20 min
5:10-5:35 Games
5:35-5:50 Gym
5:50-5:55 Clean up
5:55-6:00 Everyone in the Fellowship Hall
Pick Up Policy
If a parent knows he or she will be late picking up a child, please call 214-232-3602 to notify our caregivers that he or she will be late. This will relieve stress for the child, when he or she is not picked up by 6:00. There is a new late fee as of 2009 of $10 for the first five minutes and $1 for each minute after that. Parents should not call the school office as it will be closed. Please remember that children must be signed out even if he or she is picked up on the playground.
Ticket System
Kids' Klub is billed through TADS.
Two great features about Kids' Klub:
  • There is no enrollment fee
  • There is no charge for days not used.
Special care days will not be billed by TADS but will need to be paid to our business manager, Barbara Marshall.