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Parents are the most important stewards of their child's future.
Because of this we put a high degree of importance on their involvement and support of the school and all it is and will become.

Be involved
You can be involved in your child's education in many ways, and the research suggests that involvement that focuses on extending your child's school learning at home has great results.

Know what your child is learning
Knowing what your child is learning each year is important and they want to know you care about their studies. Ask your child's teacher for the specific areas she will cover, our teachers want to tell you. For example, if you know in advance that 5th grade focuses on American History and 6th grade on World History, you can find natural opportunities to reinforce these topics at home.

Encourage and support learning
Organize a homework center for your child, and plan learning activities to enrich you child's mastery of elementary academics. Take advantage of parent-teacher conferences to find out what you can do to help your child improve his school performance. Ask questions. Get involved. Our students love their school and they want you to love it too.

Our parents truly care
We are lucky that most of our parents are very involved and the put a high value on their child's development. They frequent the classroom section of this web site to see what is happening in their child's classroom each week. They swap emails with the teacher. They stay in touch. And love them for it.