Philosophy & Goals of Our Redeemer Lutheran School
Mission Statement
Saying the pledge of allegence to God and country is still a vital start of each day
Our Redeemer Lutheran School ministers to children and families through faith in education.
Our Redeemer Lutheran School of Dallas exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ by discipling young people toward reaching their full potential through enabling the child to grow in
  • Love and Commitment to God
  • Love and Commitment toward their families
  • Love and Commitment toward their community
  • Commitment and empowerment toward integrating knowledge
This process is modeled by a staff of caring, nurturing, qualified Christian educators, who are committed to excellence and who, by example, enrich and encourage self-respect as gifted Children of God, in whom the Light of the Lord will shine.
  • Children may learn to know and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through a deeper trust in Christ as Savior and Lord and as a result grow in their relationship with Him and service to Him.
  • Children may be nurtured in the Word and will of God to develop consistency in worship and the Sacrament.
  • Children may develop a personal relationship with God and demonstrate this relationship through a life of constant and fervent prayer.
  • Children may be nurtured toward a life of personal and group study of God's Word.
  • Children will be provided with a comprehensive program of quality Christian education so that they may develop their God-given talent and skills to be all God intends to use in responsible Christian living and service.
  • Children may learn to understand and appreciate that their talents are gifts from God and develop a commitment to living a life motivated by generous Christian love and stewardship.
  • Children may develop a living faith that demonstrates itself in a life of daily Christian witness and service to the community.
  • Children may learn to recognize themselves as persons of worth made by God in His Image and accept others, through His Life, as redeemed children of God.
  • Children, by God's grace, may experience a full Christian life on earth and be assured of eternal life.