Preschool: Testimonials

1) "I can't say enough great things about ORLS! The administration, staff, teachers, and other parents are all so wonderful and welcoming. The learning environment is creative, fun, and age-appropriate. The children are loved, nurtured, and encouraged to be the best they can be. I feel so comfortable dropping them off each morning and confident they are having a great day. They love going to school and have learned so much both academically and emotionally. They are being well prepared for a lifetime love of learning."

2) A wise woman (Carol Blackwood) at a preschool fair once said, "Look at the art and school work on display. Notice if it's all exactly the same or if it reflects the individuality of the children in the school." That struck me, and I immediately signed up for a tour of her school. Four years later, my daughter is thriving in her 3rd year of the ORLS preschool program. We couldn't be more pleased with her progress, both academically and socially. Here are a few of the things we value most about ORLS:
* Small family-like, friendly, and inclusive environment
* Firm, but loving professional teachers who understand children and are adept at individualizing the experience to help them learn and grow--both as students and people
* Play and Christian-based curriculum, designed to cultivate strong values and a love for learning
* Many enrichment programs -- Spanish, music, gardening, stretch-and-grow, after school programs, etc.
* Two recesses per day and a full size gym for bad weather
* Option for early morning and after care on an as needed basis

3) "ORLS is an amazing blessing to our family. Both my daughter and son have thrived in this loving, nurturing environment. They are eager to attend school and speak highly of their teachers. They particularly love the school garden and the learning centers in the classroom. Most importantly us, we appreciate the emphasis and Christian education and the commitment to learning God's word."