Sixth Grade: Meet Rebecca Hobbs
Rebecca Hobbs, Teacher email
I am Rebecca Hobbs, and I have taught here at Our Redeemer since 2002. I graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in 1987 with a degree in curriculum and instruction. I have also completed 12 college hours in the area of educating the gifted and talented at SMU. I taught for 15 years before I came to ORLS at the middle/junior high school level in the area of Social Studies. At various times throughout my career, I have held many professional roles such as Social Studies department chair, student council sponsor, team leader, and campus leadership team member. I enjoy teaching at ORLS and working with students sharing the love of learning and the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am married to Chuck and enjoy spending time with our family.
Best Things
About the 6th Grade at Our Redeemer Lutheran School
  • Outdoor Education
  • Novel units in Literature
  • Research skills integrated in academic subjects – literary and computer lessons
  • Extracurricular enrichment opportunity for 5th and 6th graders through Scholar Bowl