Our parents are an integral part of our students' education.
A large majority of of parents are deeply involved in their child's education
Read our parents stories. Hear how Our Redeemer has helped shape their children's future. What parents and students have to say about their school is one of the clearest indicators of the kind of education your child will recieve.

Our parents consistently describe how our teachers nuture their students, teaching each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. All students grow based on the pace that works for them. Each understands that life and learning is a gift that is here to be enjoyed, cherished and protected.
Undivided Attention
Every parent has experienced the benefits of the individual attention each student receives.
"It was always wonderful to drop off Haley each morning of 3rd grade and see her teacher chatting with each student about their weekend, and current life activities. Her teacher tuned out all distractions and gave these children her undivided attention. She valued their opinions, feelings and emotions. And, by doing so, cemented a wonderful relationship built on mutual respect--and taught Haley a lot about proper adult interactions."
Knowing Students Personally
"The faculty to student ratio remains low and has allowed the teachers to really get to know our children on an individual level. They are able to identify and teach to their strengths and have always suggested ways to improve their academic experience."
Focus on Character
"The outstanding Christian education which focuses on the whole child: mind, body and soul has given our children an amazing foundation in which to build on. They are in training to become strong Christian adults who strive to live by Christ's example."
Learning to Serve
"Our children have developed a servant's heart through their visits to shut ins, work with NDSM, the Nelson Center and with mentors and buddies! These are wonderful teaching opportunities showing them to place others above themselves in a world where this is not always reinforced and valued."
Small Class Size
"My children ages 3 & 4 love the PK2 teacher and class but what's not to like. A small class with kind children from good families, painting, playing and music and a teacher who rubs your back at nap time. We have been at Our Redeemer for three years and plan on staying many more."
"How awesome it is to see our teachers gather as a family in prayer for their students each and every day before school!"
A Community of Believers
"When we experienced the death of each of our fathers, we felt so lifted up by the entire community at ORLS. Their cards, prayers and offers to help keep our kiddos lives normal as possible allowed us to see Jesus through them."
An Involved Pastor
"Drew could not stop talking about the amazing opportunity he had to enjoy tea with Pastor. Every student has the chance to meet with Pastor McGuire, sip tea and eat sugar cubes(!). What a wonderful witness and positive role model he is for our children."
Nurturing Environment
"ORLS envelops my child in nurturing arms."
"I am very impressed with the warm nurturing environment that is offered year after year with every grade. Furthermore, I am confident in the heightened awareness and implementation of safety."
Instilling Confidence
"Our Redeemer did an excellent job of preparing our four children academically for middle school and high school at Dallas Lutheran. The basic foundation was put in place to build on as they continued their education. The teachers instilled the desire to learn and gave each one of them the confidence to succeed."
Knowing the Child
"From Math Lab in lower elementary to Scholar Bowl in 5th and 6th grade, my daughter was challenged by the core knowledge subjects at ORLS. Her high scores in nationally normed testing assured us that she was in the right place and would bloom in any academic setting. Her teachers knew what made her 'tick', encouraged her weaker areas and challenged her stronger gifts."
Enriching Classes
"The small class sizes are fabulous and the Fine Arts enrichment as well as Spanish and Technology are amazing. Musicals, handbells, pictures worth framing, reading actual novels in Spanish in 6th grade? Wow."
Academically speaking, ORLS is outstanding.
"ORLS was the best decision my husband and I ever made. ORLS delivers faith in education in a way that creates a strong foundation for life. Academically speaking, ORLS is outstanding. Parent involvement is clearly evident. The children are taught life skills that you don't get from other schools. The school has the right combination of attentive administration, excellent Pastor support, committed parents, and talented and nurturing teachers that deliver on the promise of faith in education everyday."