Tommy Hilfiger Uniforms
Being of One Mind and Spirit
Our Kindergarten through 6th grade students are required to wear the Our Redeemer uniform appropriate for each level and gender. Our school colors, blue and gold, as well as our specific plaid, are reflected in the clothing choices. These are only available through the Tommy Hilfiger website: (Use Partner School Number OURR01).
We find benefits such as:
  • Improved focus on school work
  • Improvement in student's self-image/self-esteem
  • Reduction in the difference between "have" and "have-not"
  • Fostering school spirit
  • Identification of students
  • Increase student's sense of membership in school
  • Removal of peer-related pressure on clothing
Did you know...
Our Parent Teacher League sponsors our "gently used" uniform closet. Clothing items may be purchased and clean uniform donations are always welcome! The proceeds help fund our PTL events.