Third Grade: Meet Christine Eilers
Christine Eilers, Teacher email
I grew up in Seattle, WA and attended Lutheran school 1st through 8th grade. After high school I returned to Lutheran education at Concordia College in Portland, Oregon. Since it was only a 2-year school at the time, I moved on to Concordia St. Paul in Minnesota. After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, I decided snow and Ice were not for me and took my first Call to Faith Lutheran in Tucson, AZ. After teaching two years each of Kdg., 2nd, and 5th grades, I decided to follow my sisters and their Navy husbands to Honolulu, Hawaii. I spent many wonderful years teaching 4th grade at Our Savior Lutheran School in the Pearl Harbor area. I also enjoyed directing the school choir. Through my work in music around town I was offered the position of Education Coordinator/Assistant to the President of the Honolulu Symphony. What a joy it was to hear beautiful music all the time! However, after 6 years I missed the one-on-one with students, so returned to teaching as the 2nd grade teacher at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Honolulu. The Lord then called me back to the mainland to become the 2nd and then 3rd grade teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Houston. Unfortunately the school closed and I prayed that the Lord would bless me with another teaching position in Texas. He did! And I am now looking forward with great anticipation to a great year at Our Redeemer!
Top 5 Best Things
About the 3rd Grade at Our Redeemer Lutheran School
  • Getting our own Bibles and learning how to use them.
  • Lots and lots of reading!
  • Learning how to be stellar writers with our Writer's Workshop.
  • Fun science labs and social studies projects.
  • Getting to be in the new building with the big kids.