Academically Focused

Our degreed and certified teachers foster a love of learning in our students and right-size their teaching to meet each student's needs.

Joy Filled

Joy goes far beyond momentary happiness. We teach that true joy is found by understanding your purpose in life as a child of God.

Spiritually Rich

Weekly chapel, daily prayers, Bible stories, memory verses and religion classes infuse your child's education with Biblical truths.

Admissions Process

  • Establish an Admissions Account – This sets up your access to our main information system and creates your personal admissions progress page. Through our system you can complete an application, self-schedule your meeting with our Head of School and more.
  • Complete your Application – all of our forms including our applications are online in our admissions management system. We assess a $100 processing fee for all applications. In addition to the application, 1st – 6th grade must complete steps to provide additional academic records and referrals:

    • Teacher Recommendation
    • Principal Recommendation
    • School Records Release

  • Meet with Head of School – Parents can self schedule this meeting within their account in our admissions management system. All of our school families meet with our Head of School to gain a better understanding of our school culture and philosophy and answer any questions they may have about the school.

    1st – 6th grade students will also complete placement testing conducted in conjunction with the Head of School meeting.

  • Attend New Friend Day – Candidates for grades Pre-K 2 through 6th Grade attend a “New Friend Day” where they visit with their intended classroom for a full day of school to meet new friends and spend time with the teacher.  This will be scheduled by our Admissions Director in conjunction with the teacher. (One year-old candidates are exempt from this step.)
  • Receive Decision & Acceptance Announcement – We typically make a decision and process acceptance announcements within 48 hours of meeting with the Head of School.
  • Submit Continuous Enrollment Contract – If your child is accepted to Our Redeemer, your last step to accept the offer is to complete the online contract and pay the annual Comprehensive Fee.  Your child is not admitted until the contract is submitted.

Enrollment documents will be added to your child’s account upon admittance. You’ll need to complete online forms and submit the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Doctor’s statement that your child is well enough to attend school


Tuition is billed over 10 months of the year from July through May with no payment due in January.  Fees for supplies, field trips, etc are due as a Comprehensive Fee at the time you complete your contract and in January every year there after.

Download Tuition Rates 2024-2025
Download Extended Care Rates 2024-2025

Financial Aid

The Board of Our Redeemer Lutheran School understands that private school tuition is a substantial financial investment for many families and therefore takes the responsibility of establishing annual tuition for our students seriously. It is our goal to keep Our Redeemer Lutheran School accessible to all families of qualified students. For any family that would be like to be considered for tuition assistance, please contact our main office an inquire about financial assistance: 214-368-1465.

Who is eligible to apply for tuition assistance?

Financial assistance is only available for elementary students that have already submitted an application to Our Redeemer Lutheran School. To begin the admissions process, please complete an inquiry form.

About Tuition Assistance

  • New families interested in tuition assistance must complete an application for and be accepted for the upcoming school year.
  • If a family is interested in applying for tuition assistance, the Director of Admissions will send them the link to our online tuition assistance application process as well as detailed instructions and a list of required documents.
  • Our Redeemer does accept applications throughout the year, however, priority is given to tuition assistance applications that are received before March 15th.
  • A decision regarding the amount of assistance will be made by the Finance Committee once the family has submitted their application and their documents have been approved.
  • Once a family has been notified of their award, a student contract will be sent to the family. The family will then have 2 weeks to sign the contract and accept the terms of the tuition assistance, unless otherwise noted.
  • Tuition assistance must be reapplied for each year. Existing families with financial aid will be contacted directly by the school each year with instructions and a timeline for applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary Admissions FAQ

How much homework is given each night?

Homework for 1st graders averages approximately 30 minutes and gradually increases to about an hour in 6th grade. Homework amounts increase during test and project times.

How are the students disciplined?

Students are encouraged by their teachers to maintain a proper classroom behavior. When necessary, time out is the most common method of discipline.

Is there a deadline for submitting my admissions forms?

Applications and forms are accepted year-round based upon availability. Each form must be accompanied with a deposit of $100 towards the appropriate Comprehensive Fee. The remaining balance will be required when your child receives notification of acceptance.

What testing do you do at ORLS?

Our Redeemer administers MAP assessments. MAP Growth measures what students know and informs what theyre ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

What Grading system do you use?

Our Redeemer uses the percentile grading system.  Parents can see grades online through our school information system. Parents are given mid-quarter progress reports, quarterly report cards, and semi-annual teacher conferences.

Where do most of your students go after 6th grade?

They transition very well into other private schools as well as public.  Schools often chosen include Dallas Lutheran, Christ the King, Cambridge, and others.

What is the curriculum used in these grades?

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Religion: “One In Christ” – Concordia Publishing
    • Math: “EnVisionmath” —  Pearson *Math is taught at the same in all grades to allow for adjustment in teaching/learning levels for Move Ahead Math.
    • English: “Abeka” Language
    • Science: “ScienceFusion” — Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Virtual and hands-on STEM labs with critical thinking focus.
    • Reading: Scott Foresman – Reading is enhanced with trade books and anthologies of classic literature, as well as the Accelerated Reader program through our Library.
    • Social Studies: “Studies Weekly” Series Curriculum with standards based differentiation.

Early Childhood Admissions FAQ

Do I need to furnish a snack for my child?

Yes, all students bring a nutritious morning snack to school. Kids’ Club snacks are provided for those staying after school.

Are diapers or pull-ups allowed in preschool?

Only for children enrolled in the one-year-old through 3’s.  4K preschool rooms are not licensed for diaper changing and teachers are not permitted to change diapers.

Will my preschool child have a rest time?

Yes. Licensing requires rest time for preschool children in Pre-K 2, Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 who attend the extended day after 11:30 a.m.

How are the students disciplined?

Children are encouraged by their teachers to maintain proper classroom behavior. Positive reinforcement of good behavior is used most often, and when necessary, a time out is used.

Is there a deadline for submitting my admissions forms?

Applications and forms are accepted year-round based upon availability. Each form must be accompanied with a deposit of $100. The Comprehensive Fee will be required when your child receives notification of acceptance.