Foreign Language

:earning another language is a great way to broaden your thinking and develop a greater understanding about the world beyond U.S. borders.  Our Redeemer offers the following foreign language enrichment options for students for students to explore:


Spanish – Spanish instruction is included in our main curriculum for all classes  (1-year-olds through 6th grade students).  Spanish Club is an extension of the class offered to students in 3rd through 6th grade.


Latin instruction is included in our main curriculum (5th and 6th grade students).  Students explore the Roman culture and its history as they learn how to use the Latin language to supplement their understanding of the English Language


Under the panda-assistant named HeyBai, a stuffed animal with a range of voices, students learn basic vocabulary and short conversations in Mandrin Chinese. The class has three sections, learn from a cartoon video, follow the teacher, and talk to HeyBai to practice what they’ve learned. The class is full of laughter and a lot of fun. Kindergarten and pre-K classes will be teaching oral language only. After school clubs will teach basic writings (Kindergarten through 6th grade students).

Sign Language

Research shows that early exposure to signing helps children develop their language and reasoning skills. This club will keep students actively engaged, assist students in literacy development of phonics, reading, and spelling, and assist students in speech development (3rd through 6th grade students).