First Grade

Our primary goal for first graders is for each child to develop a strong reading and mathematics foundation. In first grade, we build the framework for our children to develop the love of reading and writing and apply mathematical concepts to real-life problems. The students embark on cooperative projects and activities that promote multi-sensory learning, and they practice their independence and growing social skills. Science and social studies provide the students the opportunities to explore their world and the environment. First graders attend weekly specials classes, including art, music, library, technology, Spanish, science, and physical education.


  •  Language Arts: Students will understand simple story structures, spell high-frequency words correctly, use punctuation correctly and use vocabulary to describe ideas and experiences.
  • Math: We will focus on various counting skills, basic measurement concepts, patterns, sequences, and probabilities.
  • Social Studies: We will teach students that history is God’s story. We will focus on basic geography and economics, such as the concepts of goods and services. Students will understand the importance of family, beliefs, customs, and traditions.
  • Science: Students will recognize that God is the center of our universe and that He created all organisms, objects, and events for us to investigate and observe.
  • Religion: We will continue to establish the base of their Christian knowledge. This includes old and new testament parables and passages, such as The Boy Jesus in the Temple, Saul becoming a believer and the Tower of Babel.
  • Specials: Spanish, art, music, technology, and PE round out core classes along with time in the library and Outdoor Learning Center.

Events and Activities

  • 100th Day of school
  • Nursery rhyme recitals
  • Costume Day
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Reader’s Theater
  • Thanksgiving party
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas party
  • Valentine’s party