Cool Places and Spaces

Located on a 10-acre site opposite NorthPark center, Our Redeemer’s premises feature an array of indoor and outdoor areas for academic, physical, and spiritual development. From the inviting courtyard facilitating community events to the expansive gymnasium, students enjoy an array of learning environments.

Full Size Gym

Our full size gym offers ample indoor space for a varitey of sports and activities. From our annual elementary sock hop to our weekly PE classes, the spacious facility ensures kids have room to move no matter what the weather.

Outdoor Learning Center

Raised garden beds, an amphitheater, chickens, and so much more make our outdoor learning center a place for students to unwind and connect with nature. Whether it’s a picnic in the greenspace or gathering vegetables, there’s always something to enjoy.


Our Redeemer’s library offers a quiet retreat with comfy bean bag chairs and great adventures just a turn of the page away.  Students visit the library on a regular basis and select engaging volumes designed to grow their love of reading right along with their proficiency.


The courtyard offers a unique combination of shaded lunch tables, large trees, flower beds, and an inviting grassy hill. This space is the background for an array of activities that enhance everyone’s experience at Our Redeemer.  Classes meet outside to enjoy sunny afternoons, preschool kids run around on the hill after school, and community-building school events are hosted here.


Our two main playground areas offer age appropriate amenities to foster physical activity and imaginative play. Early childhood students have coloful climbing structures and play houses while elementary students enjoy a climbing wall, monkey bars, and large slides. The playgrounds are intentionally situated on opposite sides of the school to ensure the safety of students and the preservation of play equipment.


The sanctuary serves as a multifunctional space, catering to various activities and events within the school community. As a school venue, it hosts the weekly Wednesday chapel service, providing a calm setting for students to engage in spiritual reflection and worship. Additionally, the sanctuary’s versatile design makes it an ideal facility for a range of performances including choir concerts, class presentations, and recitals.