Academically Focused

Our degreed and certified teachers foster a love of learning in our students and right-size their teaching to meet each student's needs.

Joy Filled

Joy goes far beyond momentary happiness. We teach that true joy is found by understanding your purpose in life as a child of God.

Spiritually Rich

Weekly chapel, daily prayers, Bible stories, memory verses and religion classes infuse your child's education with Biblical truths.

Student Life at Our Redeemer

At Our Redeemer, we believe that education should be a joyful and holistic experience. We are proud to provide an environment where academic excellence, character development, and a sense of belonging are woven into the fabric of daily life.

We understand that life is more than jus school, and we strive to equip our students with the ability to navigate any challenge or opportunity they may face. To this end, we offer a variety of elements to impact each school day.

Wildcat Wills

Our Wildcat Wills program runs all year long in parallel with our core curriculum. Through this program, we emphasize positive character traits, leadership skills, self-regulating behavior, and other qualities that nurture a confident, kind, and caring spirit. For more details on this program visit the Wildcats Will page.

Parents Organization

Studies have shown that involved parents lead to more successful students. We encourage parent involvement through class volunteer and schoolwide volunteer positions. We also have several clubs and extra-curricular activities supported by parent volunteers. Learn more on the Wildcat Parents page.


Traditional schoolwork is complimented by events and celebrations held on campus. From our space themed fall festival, BlastFest, to caroling at Christmas and Easter egg hunts, events provide additional learning opportunities and community building experiences for our students and families. Review the Events page to learn more.

Community Service

Community service opportunities help students feel more connected to their immediate environment, provides a sense of purpose, teaches valuable skills, and builds their self esteem. Each semester we engage in service opportunities appropriate to each grade level. Food drives, singing at the nursing home, and harvesting tomatoes at the local greenhouse are a few of our regular community service activities.

Cool Places & Spaces

Our campus has lots of interesting features that supplement your child’s class time. From the fish tank by the library to the sanctuary in the church, your child’s day is filled with a variety of spaces to engage, fascinate, and uplift. See more about our facilities on our Cool Places & Spaces page.

Before and After Care

We all have unpredictable schedules at times.  Our Redeemer supports families by offering care for kids before and after school on an as needed basis. Some families regularly take advantage of these extended care offerings, and others just need our services from time to time.  How ever you choose to use Extended Care, we are here for you! Learn more about before and after care on our Extended Care page.