Leadership & Service

Academics are only one dimension of a well rounded education. Students at Our Redeemer have additional opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve others in the community through the following programs and events.

Wildcat Wills

The students of Our Redeemer give attention to a new leadership focus area every two to three weeks.  Depending on the week, these areas are discussed as a school every Wednesday and many Fridays.  Our Early Childhood staff also makes an intentional effort to incorporate these areas into their classrooms (Pre-K 2 through 6th grade students).

My First Passport (SPARK)

This fun program helps students develop a global mindset and build international awareness early in life! Students will explore cultural differences across countries, geography games, famous landmarks, world currencies, and current global events. They will also role-play as diplomats and come up with solutions to key global problems (Kindergarten – 3rd grade students).

GIrl Scouts (Daisies, Brownies, Juniors)

Girl Scouts is a school year monthly club that unleashes the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) in every girl, preparing her for a lifetime of leadership. Everything a Brownie and Girl Scout does centers around STEM, the outdoors, development of life skills, and entrepreneurship, and is designed to meet her where she is now and to grow along with her. (Kindergarten through 5th grade students).

Morning Announcements

The students of our Redeemer are permitted to lead school wide morning announcements. This allows our upper grade students to polish their speaking and leadership skills as well as focus on the importance of positive leadership (5th and 6th grade students).

Outdoor Education Experience

Students travel to a camp setting to learn more about nature, develop team-building skills, and grow in their faith. (5th and 6th grade students).


Students and their parents take part in a traditional Christmas caroling experience, learning to care for others as we celebrate the birth of the world’s Savior through song (PK2 through 6th grade students).