Events at Our Redeemer run the gamut from holiday traditions, to education celebrations, to pure recreations.  Whatever the occasion, events create wonderful memories and experiences for students while serving as community building opportunities.  Shared experiences strengthen interpersonal relationships enriching interactions far beyond the initial event.

In addition to recreation and entertainment, school events provide platforms to develop and showcase a host of skills.  Performances, such as our Thanksgiving presentations or the end of year musical, allow students to expand their public speaking, memorization, and organizational talents while boosting confidence and self-esteem. Celebrations and parties offer a break from the academic routine and give kids a chance to practice social interactions, teamwork, and cooperation.

Our Redeemer’s events play an important role in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that truly is “joy-filled.” Events contribute to the holistic development of students, promote a sense of school spirit, and facilitate a positive school culture that values both academic and social growth.

Events at Our Redeemer

  • Donuts with Darlings
  • Fall Coffee in the Courtyard
  • BlastFest
  • Costume Parade
  • Sock Hop
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Christmas Programs
  • Valentine’s Parties
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Read Across America & Dr. Seuss
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Spring Auction Gala
  • Field Day