Sixth Grade

As students prepare for junior high, they are given opportunities to exercise their leadership and management skills. They use planners to keep track of their assignments, they are each issued a locker to manage their materials, and they are granted a variety of leadership opportunities throughout the year. The fifth and sixth graders also take a trip to Texoma to focus on Outdoor Education and team building.


  • Language Arts: We will use a variety of literary works for the reading curriculum to help students gain an appreciation for good writing and the ability to use language with power and grace. Students will work to expand their vocabulary and writing skills as they prepare to transition into Middle School.
  • Math: The students will advance their math skills with the following topics:
    • number and operations expressions, equations, and relationships
    • proportionality
    • geometry
    • measurement and data
    • personal financial literacy
  • Social Studies: Sixth Grade is focused on World Geography. Students will use maps to study the location and physical characteristics of countries. They will also discuss the population, government, climate, economy, and culture of the countries. The focus will be on the contemporary world, but historical information will be included where needed to help students understand the people, government, and social conditions.
  • Science: Sixth grade students actively learn about the world around them as they explore through research, labs, and activities. They lead through presentations as they explore physical science, earth science, and life science.
  • Religion: This year students do a deeper study on the Apostle’s Creed Articles and the Petitions the Ten Commandments and Doxology of the Lord’s Prayer.

Events and Activities

  • A variety of Specials including Spanish, Latin, and Handbells
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  • Black History Month Research and Presentation
  • STEM Activities
  • Costume Day
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Thanksgiving party
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas party
  • Valentine’s party