Wildcat Wills

Our Wildcat Wills program teaches positive character development and leadership skills. This program serves to instill essential values and virtues in our students from pre-K all the way through 6th grade. It aims to foster personal development, emphasizing qualities such as integrity, empathy, resilience, and individual responsibility. By studying and practicing these traits, students cultivate a strong moral compass, leading to improved decision-making, and enhanced interpersonal relationships. Our goals for Wildcat Wills is to promote a sense of community, encouraging individuals to contribute positively to their environments and foster a culture of respect and integrity.

Traits covered in this program are introduced at each grade level with age appropriate discussions and examples. Qualities of given charater traits are discussed throughout the month with special presentations in group gatherings on Fun Fridays.

Topics are introduced each month and follow a three year rotation schedule so that each year is a bit different, but the same traits are covered multiple times over the course of a child’s education at Our Redeemer.

Character development program - Wildcat Wills