Parents Organization

Our Wildcat Parents organization is open to all families and helps foster strong sense of community and support for our school. With a mission to enhance the educational experience for our children, Wildcat Parents organize a range of engaging events and initiatives throughout the academic year.

This organization is responsible coordinating classroom parents for various social activities, ensuring that everyone feels included and connected. Most notably, Wildcat Parents spearhead our Donuts with Darlings event and Valentine’s parties.

Wildcat Parents are also in charge of our phenomenal teacher and staff appreciation activities. These events are essential for nurturing a positive and supportive school environment, creating a strong partnership between teachers and parents, and ensuring the continued success of the school and its students.

Donute with Darlings - school event at Our Redeemer
Valentine's party at Our Redeemer
Auction art at Our Redeemer - private christian elementary school in Dallas