Fifth Grade

As our students shift into middle school, responsibility and organization become key. Hands-on learning and team building are the core of the Outdoor Education program for these students that spans 5th and 6th grade as they bond, canoe, journal, pray, play, GPS track and so much more. Fifth graders also have more opportunities to demonstrate leadership through projects and presentations as well as on campus programs mentoring younger grades.


  • Language Arts: Students are taught multiple reading skills such as summarizing, author’s purpose, figurative language, inferencing, drawing conclusions and more. They use these skills as they study a variety of literary genres. Writing is incorporated across multiple curricular areas, as students research, analyze, compare and contrast and more.
  • Math: Fifth grade students dive into the world of fractions and decimals as they begin to add, subtract, multiply and divide these kinds of numbers that are new to them. Students explore the world of geometry, studying triangles and quadrilaterals, while finding the perimeter and area of these shapes.
  • Social Studies: Our fifth graders will learn about the history of the USA from 1565 to the present. This will include covering important events such as: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, World Wars, etc.
  • Science: Students explore physical science, earth science, and life science. They learn through research and presentations as well as investigations and experiments as they ask questions, form hypotheses, and gather data.
  • Religion: Fifth grade religion curriculum focuses on the Old Testament as they connect the Biblical timeline and Bible characters. Students also use Bible stories to delve into Our Redeemer’s Wildcat Wills as they prepare to be leaders throughout the school.

Events and Activities

  • Biography Presentation
  • Costume Day
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Thanksgiving party
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas party
  • Valentine’s party
  • Field Trips