Second Grade

Stepping up into the “grades” our students build on their public speaking skiils with Thanksgiving and Presidents Day productions. The Accelerated Reader program begins as they become fluent readers, and IXL Math is used to supplement the Envision Math textbook lessons. In second grade, children build confidence in their academic abilities fostering the desire to discover their world. They are eager to learn and explore how things work and the concepts of quantity and time. Teachers continue reinforcing a robust moral compass through our Wildcats Will program.


  • Language Arts: Students will expand on their reading incorporating reading aloud with fluency and comprehension and vocabulary building. Writing skills include the foundations of the writing process covering planning and drafting. Cursive writing is introduced.
  • Math: Second graders will work on comparing numbers and expanding addition and subtraction skills to four-digit numbers.
  • Social Studies: Focus on community by studying the contributions and impacts of specific individuals.
  • Science: Students will learn about scientific principles noticing patterns, cycles, systems, models, and change and constancy. Second grade covers careful observation and investigation to learn about the natural world.
  • Religion: We will continue to establish the base of Christian knowledge with more discussion on old and new testament stories and parables, the importance of prayer and the permanence of God’s love.
  • Specials: Second graders also have music, Spanish, PE, technology class, library time, and lessons in the Outdoor Learning Center.

Events and Activities

  • Presidents Day Presentation
  • Biography Museum
  • Costume Day
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Thanksgiving party
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas party
  • Valentine’s party
  • Field trips