Remember when kindergarten wasn’t 1st grade? At Our Redeemer, we do! Our private kindergarten program is actually at grade level, helping the joys of childhood last a bit longer. Play based learning is the focus, with emphasis on skills that set students on the path for success in first grade. PE and recess daily, arts, time to relax, pray, play…and learn.


  • Language Arts: Kindergarteners learn how to retell stories, listen critically, draw pictures of stories and read high frequency words. Texts: Rooted in Reading and Saxon Phonics
  • Math: Math for kindergarten builds on our pre-kindergarten program. Children expand on counting, identifying coins and bills, and recognizing geometric shapes. Text: Envision Math 2.0
  • Social Studies: In Kindergarten, students learn about being a good citizen, explore customs and traditions, and understand God is the ultimate creator. Text: Texas Studies Weekly: Kindergarten.
  • Science: By the end of the year, students should understand that God is their Creator and the Creator of the universe, understand the difference between living and non-living organisms, and observe weather changes, and watch a plant grow from a seed. Text: Texas Science Fusion
  • Religion: We teach bible stories including the creation story and the Ten Commandments with the constant message on how Jesus loves us. Text: One In Christ: Kindergarten
  • Specials: In kindergarten, core subjects are enhanced with music, art, PE, technology, Spanish, and time in both the library and Outdoor Learning Center.

Events and Activities

  • 100th Day of school
  • Elf day
  • Lucky Duck leader
  • Costume Day
  • Lutheran Schools Week
  • Thanksgiving party
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas party
  • Valentine’s party
  • Kindergarten graduation