Math & Science

Advanced Placement Math

Upon meeting certain academic requirements,  students are invited to participate in math classes that are a grade above their  current homeroom. For example, a 3rd grade student may take 4th grade math  to allow him/her to be challenged and grow in this area (currently offered for 3rd through 6th grade students)

Math Club

Students who have additional interest in Mathematics can join our Club which meets weekly from November through February. Students  are challenged beyond their grade level with a variety of general math  questions, including algebraic equations, which are introduced in 6th grade (1st  through 6th grade students). 


In order to “solve” a chess game, students will learn critical thinking  skills, such as problem-solving, to decide which pieces they should move to  yield the best results on the board (Kindergarten through 2nd grade students). 

Classic Board Games

Students will learn strategies, skills, and rules as we  enjoy playing classic games such as Yahtzee, Monopoly, and many more (Kindergarten through 6th grade students).