Another way parents and families can support Our Redeemer is by volunteering their time for one of our community-building activities. We have volunteer opportunities that occur during the school day and on the weekend. In addition to the standing options listed below, we also need occasional volunteers for teacher workroom help and front desk help.

Classroom Volunteer Opportunities

  • Party Parent –  Christmas and Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday Parent – teacher and assistant birthdays
  • Social Parent – a fall and a spring get together for the classroom’s families
  • Auction Parent – class project for auction item

Schoolwide Volunteer Opportunities

  • Donuts with Darlings Committee
  • Family Valentine’s Party
  • Mom School Social Chair(s)
  • Dad School Social Chair(s)

BlastFest Volunteer Opportunities (October)

Each October we host a space-themed fall festival called BlastFest.  Many helping hands make this event possible with volunteer opportunities that range from setting up tables to assembling rocketry components for launch. Regardless of where you lend a hand, you can be sure that your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Auction Volunteer Opportunities (April)

The annual auction at Our Redeemer is held each April.  Parent volunteers contribute to the event by staging and photographing auction items, adding items to the auction website, setting up tables, stringing lights, and more.  It definitely takes a village to make the acution a success, and it’s a community building experience for everyone involved.

mother and daughter - donut event - volunteer