In addition to our daily class instruction in spelling, phonics/grammar, and reading/literature, Our Redeemer offers several clubs and opportunities which allow students with interest in this area to further enrich their academic experiences.  They are:

Accelerated Reader

This national program enriches our core curriculum.  Accelerated reader is designed to encourage independent reading and provides a means to measure a student’s reading level and help select books that will challenge without discourgaging.  Students select books based on their reading ability and can read to a point level goal that matches their skill level (1st through 6th grade students).

Creative Writing Club

The club is designed to promote creativity and encourage writing skills at an early age.  Students are shown five pictures and then given approximately 30 minutes to create an original story based on the pictures (1st through 2nd grade students).

Sip & Read Book Club

Participants enjoy tea and lively book discussion (1st through 3rd grade students).

Poetry & Prose

Students will get to explore their creative side through poetry. In Poetry Club, students will read and analyze short poems, discussing literary elements and how they differ from longer works of writing. Students will practice what they learn and write their own poems (3rd through 6th grade students).

Ready Writing Club

This club challenges the already gifted writer.  Students are given a choice between two prompts.  Each prompt defines the audience and provides or implies the purpose for writing (3rd through 6th grade students).

Must Reads Club

Participants enjoy tea and lively book discussion (4th through 6th grade students).